Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fun Games to Get Creative Juices Flowing

Just for fun—and to create ideas for stories and poems—play these games. For added fun, play with them with friends to see how many different results can come from the same words.

1) Pick five random, seemingly unrelated words. This can be done by pulling whatever first comes to mind, or by opening a book to the first page that falls open, closing your eyes and putting your finger on a word. Then open another page for the next one, and so forth. Use the five words in a sentence.

2) Pick five random words, but instead of using them all in one sentence, weave them into the first two paragraphs, and then continue with the story you've begun.

3) Pick five random words and create a rhyming poem. This works well for a limerick which consists of five lines.

For example:

1:I'm choosing five words by opening a book and pointing: Get-together, giving, outfits, passivity, school.

With obvious passivity, I went to the get-together where participants were giving outfits to the local school.

2: I'm choosing a different set of words by the same method: Slamming, complimented, relatives, long-term, spread.

Startled by the loud slamming of the door, I held my breath, waiting for my father to scold me. When I heard no forthcoming rebuke, I peeked into the living room to see my parents sitting around a card table with visiting relatives. Cards were spread in rows in front of Dad and my uncle. Canasta.

I turned to leave, but Dad saw me and called me over to the table. I braced myself, but instead of delivering a reprimand, he told my aunt and uncle about my success at a recent spelling bee. I hadn't expected to be complimented, and I smiled my relief. Walking away, I wondered if this new attitude of Dad's heralded a long-term change in our relationship, or if I'd receive a lecture on lady-like conduct when the relatives were gone.

3: Picking more random words: miseries, thank, soaring, worth, minute

The miseries of love and life
Should make you want to thank the strife
When soaring you see what it's worth
the minute you find second birth.

OR a limerick

When miseries try to confound you
Thank the stars they do not impound you,
For when you are soaring
With minute throngs adoring
Your self-worth will certainly ground you.

More word game ideas next time. Have fun.

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