Saturday, June 27, 2009

Life's changes

There are times in life when we feel as if the world is a sunny garden, planted for our enjoyment, and we will flourish, no matter what. Our possibilities are endless. Then something shifts to rock our world, and we must adjust. How we do so depends on our inner resources to cope. We may process and move on or we may peacefully accept the circumstances we are given. 

Change is never easy, yet life without change is stagnant and unproductive. Perhaps it's when a major event nudges us from our comfort zone that we search our innermost selves and find what we need. Looking through my poetry, I found a few poems that, though written some time ago, strike a resonate chord when I feel I'm facing an hour of decision or when I hear of a major life-changing event in someone's life. 

(Iris, by Stan Hill, Photographer) 

I'll share three of them: "Time," "Life," and "Death," which could also be titled "Accepting Mortality." (Scroll down for all three.)

Be sure to join me on the 8th of July for a conversation with Janet Riehl, author of “Sightlines: A Family Love Story in Poetry and Music,” about how she coped with a traumatic life-changing experience.



When all is said and all is done

and when the race is over,

Will we be happy that we’ve run?

Will we wish to do it over?


Time marches on without a care

about what we are doing.

It bothers not with when or where

or what trouble is ensuing.


We may be bored; we may be stressed.

We may be steeped in sorrow

But time keeps plodding as if pressed

to reach the next tomorrow.


If in the end we have regret

for the things we didn’t do

we’ll be reminded if we forget

that there’s no use to rue


the time that’s gone will not return

and useless are excuses.

For if nothing else we learn,

know time bears no abuses.


Every second, minute, hour

is the same to every man.

It is within each person’s power

to do with as she can.


Life is too short to be little

Life is too dear to deny

Life is too precious to squander

By living an emotional lie.

Follow your heart, find your center

Leave conformity and pretense alone

Be only  yourself when you enter

Live a life that is truly your own.

Be not afraid of your feelings

It’s really okay to cry

Express the indignation inside you

Be honest with life ‘til you die. 

Don’t assume to make other’s decisions

Nor let others make choices for you.

Do what for you is important

And unto thine own self be true.


A woman died today.



without notice.

A man lost his wife today



without notice.

Parents lost their only daughter today



without notice.

It challenges my belief

About mind

Over matter

Willful control.

I thought the mind

Always leads

Body follows.

Not so.

It makes death sadder

that I know

it can happen

against one’s will. 

I’m sad for the woman

Who died

her husband

and parents

I feel my own mortality

For a moment



My belief, though juvenile

and subconscious

was pervasive

my own.