Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Meme

Mary Cunningham, www.cynthiasattic.blogspot.com, tagged me for a meme. It's simple. I only have to list six things that make me happy. Well, maybe not so simple when there are so many to choose from. Hmmm. Let me think. 

1. Watching my next to youngest grandson have fun in the snow. 

2. The view of hills, wildlife, and changing sky through my office window. 

3. Listening to the laughter of my baby grandson. 

4. Good books. 

5. A devoted husband. 

6. My writer's  group. 

The list above is random, not necessarily prioritized as I chose from so much that makes me happy, including all of my grandchildren, sons, and daughters, their families, my friends, my siblings, heros like Greg Mortenson and President Obama, and the list goes on and on. 

Thanks, Mary, for the chance to think of 6 happy things, for it opens the mind to boundless gratitude. 

Now, I'm supposed to tag someone else to list 6 things that make you happy. 

Janet Grace Riehl, you're it. 

1 comment:

Mary Cunningham said...

It's always nice to remind ourselves of happy thoughts!

Thanks for the post!