Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The season to write is now, but don't give up on promotion

I have the perfect antidote for the prevailing fear and uncertainty that plagues most of us as a result of the falling stock markets reacting to the mismanagement of our country's financial institutions, the failure of the imprudent government bailout attempt to fix the problem, and the recession in which we find ourselves. The average American is cutting back spending to cover basic needs. Businesses that offer the amenities of life are feeling the crunch. Even publishing guru, Dan Poynter, commented in a recent lecture at the Colorado Independent Publisher's association that this is not the best time to publish new books, but a better time to write in preparation for the next upswing in the economy. It will come, Poynter declared. In the meantime, WRITE!

I welcomed this call to write from Dan Poynter, but I also took to heart his advice about promoting what we have published. His talk on book promotion was an encouragement to the introvert writer who is by nature a reluctant marketer. As I have commented before, the idea of promoting one's self seems counter to the average fiction writer, especially to the author who prefers a pen in private seclusion to a podium before a public audience; especially those whose elders told us, "don't ask for favors" and "don't blow your own horn;" especially to those to whom rejection and criticism is a knife piercing a tender ego.

We don't have to go on the radio or TV if we don't feel like it. We don't have to get out and set up autographing parties in book stores (something that might be hard to arrange today, anyway.) But there is much we can do in the privacy of our homes. The internet offers a wealth of opportunity. John Kremer (1001 Ways to Market Your Book) suggests that you do five promotional projects for you book each day; and, as Poynter said, you can do them from your own home. My suggestion is that you do at least one more each day than you have been doing. It's a good place to start. In my Newsletter to fellow writers, I will make frequent suggestions for doing so. If you'd like to receive my newsletter via e-mail, please request it at author@janetmuirheadhill.com

Once I have done my "promoting from home," for my latest published work, Kyleah's Tree, today, I will write more on the third book of my trilogy (working title: Kendall and Kyleah or Twins Again or various other titles I'm toying with.) as well as continuing to edit and polish the second book, Kendall's Storm

When I think of writing and giving myself permission to write daily, there is no end to the possibilities, and I get excited. Please, give yourself permission to write today and everyday. It's a good time to create and perfect our stories.

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Faye Quam Heimerl said...

Hi Janet,

Please enjoy your writing and promoting season! Recently I've been concentrating most of my attention on generating promotional materials for my business; perhaps now I'll get back to "my" writing.

All the best, Faye
Quam Editorial