Thursday, August 7, 2008

Guidelines for Writing "True Fiction"

Have you ever wondered, "Just what is 'True Fiction?'" When authors ask for guidelines from our publishing company, Raven Publishing, Inc. they receive a pretty fair description. Almost all of the titles we've published constitute what we call "True Fiction."  Here are the guidelines as given by Raven.

"Raven Publishing, Inc. specializes in "True Fiction" for children ages 8-14. Here are the criteria the editors look for in reviewing queries: 

1. a story so interesting that children will prefer reading to watching TV
2. a hook on the first page of the novel that will compel the reader to continue
3. a story that confronts important issues that today's children face
4. a moral, esteem-building, and encouraging lesson or lessons couched in the story—without the slightest hint of didacticism or religiosity.
5. an authentic portrayal of natural human emotion and reactions.
6. no downgrading implications to any culture, lifestyle, or group of people.
7. a story with fully developed characters that today's children will care about
8. a satisfying ending that makes the reader feel good about the book, the characters, and themselves. 
9. concise writing in an active voice with one point of view."

For more instruction on submitting queries see the Raven Publishing website.

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