Sunday, July 13, 2008

New book on the way

My latest book will be available for sale by mid August. The cover and illustrations are by Herb Leonhard. A brief synopsis of Kyleah's Tree, written by editor Florence Ore, follows: 

"Wishing on the sunrise from her treetop refuge, eleven-year-old Kyleah Raltson seeks magic to right all that is wrong in her life. Her twin brother is lost to her, and she believes that her father abandoned her because she isn't pretty enough. To add to her woes, her foster family doesn't understand her. When she is banned from climbing her favorite tree, she agrees to join Benjamin, her older foster-brother in his scheme to run away. 
Kyleah and Benjamin encounter many narrow escapes and breath-taking adventure on their journey from south-east Kansas to Moose Jaw, Canada. Through it all, Kyleah learns self-acceptance. She learns the true meaning of home and that family has more to do with love and respect than with blood." 

The following reviews are by youth who read the galley: 

"Kyleah's Tree is a touching story about a young girl going through the trials of living in a foster home. Her runaway escape with her foster brother, Benjamin, is filled with emotion and suspense. Characters in the story are described in such depth that you feel as if you know them. I loved this book!"  —Ashley Grimes, age 14

"This is the first book I have read by Janet Muirhead Hill, and I enjoyed it immeasurably... You see the characters learning life skills such as trust, determination, and working together.. I give this book a perfect score of five. This book has even taught me some life skills.... It's also a great story that you can read to the family." —Brenna Bales, age 10, Reader Views Kids

Now it's time for me to polish the companion novel, "Kendall's Storm" and get it ready to publish. 

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