Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ups and downs; hope and despair--and hope again

I've been absorbed with concern for my sister who recently discovered she has lung cancer, with upheavals of test after test, and anxious waiting for results. After a surgery which turned out to be in vain, as the tumor was inoperable, my sister is faced with decisions while recovering in the hospital from the surgery. She will be released today and will start radiation treatments in about a week to ten days.

Joan is a trouper, in good health otherwise, and has a strong faith. I'm convinced she'll beat this monster that has been stealthily growing in her lung for a long time. She has a wonderful support system with a large family and a church group who think the world of her.

I will stay in Colorado to help her all I can while she continues to recover and to fight the cancer. I don't have daily access to the Internet here, but will post more information as I can.


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Mary Cunningham said...

I'll keep you, your sister and your family in my thoughts and prayers, Janet.