Monday, September 17, 2007

Foster reading habits by reading aloud to children

"If people want kids to read, they need to read to them." This comment by Clair on a previous post got me to asking, "How can we get more adults to read aloud to children?" A little research showed that there are programs across the country and around the world that foster reading by using volunteers to read to children, either one on one or to groups. The difficulty is in finding people who are willing to donate their time. Anyone who believes in the value of reading to children and who can eke out an our or two a week for this cause, can research your area for programs such as reading fairs, Friends of the Children's Library, Head Start, and Even Start, to name a few, or contact your local schools and library to find out if they have a volunteer reading program. I've read of some who partner retirees with children in a "grandparent" reading program. Both the child and the adult are benefited richly.

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